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Elka 20 mm Fork KitELKA 20mm race piston kit

Elka's fork piston kits feature precision machined pistons with tailored linearity that improves the damping range and effectiveness of the adjustments. These kits help you match the damping of the forks to your shock's damping, providing a better front/rear balance.

• Reduced harshness and improved damping at low shaft speed
• More plushness, improved overall damping and front/rear balance
• No packing down on successive bumps
• Proactive damping, adjusted to bump intensity   

Price: $235.00 for most bikes
installation and taxes not included. 

Also suggested: K-Tech low speed compression clickers to complete the control package (especially if you have Showa),
Springs matched to your weight, and full supersport preparation for improved safety and control.

06’Yamaha R6 20mm Race piston kit

Elka Sportbike Shocks

The Elka Stage 4 sportbike shocks feature high and low-speed compression adjustability to provide squat and traction control during cornering and acceleration, keeping the contact patch of the tire on the track while allowing smooth absorption of bumps and obstacles. In short, it keeps you glued to the track. These are not an off-the-shelf shock, they are custom-built and sprung specifically for you to get the maximum performance for your specific personal use. No need to change the spring or have it revalved. Install it and ride. After all, that's what it' all about! Available with or without hydraulic preload adjustment and with piggyback or remote resevoir.

Elka Stage 5 Snowmobile Shocks - Now available, call for model availability!
With single, double and triple stage sping setups.


Elka is bringing out Stage One and Stage Five shocks for popular snowmobiles this fall. Accelerated Technologies has been closely involved in the developement and John ran a pair of Stage 5 front shocks on his personal sled last winter (2011). This year he has a prototype stage 5 rear shock in his Vector.

Call us for information and availability.

K-Tech Compression Adjusters

Shown are the K-tech OEM fork replacement compression adjusters. These replacement clickers thread into your OEM Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Suzuki, Triumph and Buell forks to give you incredible adjustability to your low speed compression circuit. 

They are especially nice if you have Showa forks that just turn and don't "click"! You will find it hard to set and reset accurately those stock compression clickers as you are adjusting in approximately 1/16th turn increments. Not only is it hard to set right and left the same, but it is hard to keep accurate notes from track to track and then go back to a good set up once you have returned to a race track.

Fork disassembly is not required! Price: $185.00 a set.
Installs in minutes.

Also Suggested: Although these adjusters make a nice gain all alone, a race orientated high-speed compression piston stack or mod to your stock stack is beneficial to make the most of these adjusters.  Eg: If your internal high speed compression stack is way too soft, slowing down the low speed adjusters may not make an appreciable difference.  You may notice, as you slow down the low speed too much, the high speed stack will just pop off sooner and no appreciable increase in damping force will be noticed.

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Ohlins logoCartridge Kits - 25 and 30mm

25mm Cartridge kit for OEM Hi-Per Sport Front Forks - The ultimate OEM no compromise fork upgrade. These kits are the same internals used by top race teams in AMA and World Supersport and Superstock championships. 25mm cartridges feature Ohlins Superbike Pistons and Valving for super plush ride and precisely controlled low friction, no compromise suspension action. Suitable for Street racers, track day racers and roadracers. *(25mm piston diameter may be illegal with some roadrace sanctioning bodies)

Lightweight Magnesium & Aluminum Contruction / Externally Adjustable Compression & Rebound Damping / External Spring Preload Adjuster / Easy to Change Valving/Settings / Wide Range of Settings Available / Optional Fork Springs Available from 0.8Kg/mm to 1.05Kg/mm / Delivered with 0.9Kg/mm Springs / Bolt-On/Drop-In Kit. 

Price: $1649.95 complete.Installation & re-valving $250 and up.

Available for : Honda CBR600RR (03-10), CBR1000RR (04-10), Kawasaki ZX6R (03-10), ZX6RR (2005), ZX10R (04-10), Yamaha YZF R6 (03-10), YZF R1 (04-10), Suzuki GSXR 600 (04-10), GSXR 750 (06-10), GSXR 1000 (04-10)

Ask about the new 30mm Cartridge kit

Ohlins logoSteering Dampers


Unique design.
Oil under pressure avoids the problem of free play.
Adjustable in 20 clicks.
Six lengths/strokes.
Kits, complete with mounting brackets, are available to certain models
All necessary hardware included.

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