Be Ready for Winter!

Lets service your snowmobile or ATV shocks now and be ready to ride this winter.


Get a jump on Spring!

Send us your bike forks and shock now, or bring your bike for storage and we will service it over the winter.


When sending us work please fill out the Work Request Form and include it with your components.

Don't let your shock turn into this! Service them regularly.

Ohlins shocks

Four different versions of Ohlins shocks await rebuilding at Accelerated Technologies.

Suspension Services

Shock, fork and steering damper servicing, modification and tuning.

In the suspension and set-up departments there isn't anything we can't handle. We welcome a challenge and are ready to help set-up your bike, atv or snowmobile - for street, dirt, trail, track or anywhere you can ride.

Contact us for anything from routine servicing, revalving, or complete custom modification. See our product page for shocks, fork kits, springs and accessories to improve your riding experience.

Custom Services

For custom work such as; service or repair 'non servicable' BMW stock shocks; modify Gold Wing forks so they won't dive and wallow; make your V-Strom handle like a street bike; make your OEM Kawasaki Ohlins Steering Dampers actually dampen; or any other custom work you need, call us.

Examples of our custom work include:

  • BMW shock mods to make them servicable - $215 (plus $50 for a fill valve with the first service)
  • Reseal your leaking BMW ESA shock. We modify it to make it servicable, give it a full service and a new seal head that won't leak! - $440
  • Gold Wing fork mods to firm up the front end
  • Custom modified fork emulator (Gold Valve) to firm up the front end of BMS F800ST (and any bike with damper rod forks)
  • Emulator valve (Gold Valve) modification to make them work like cartridge forks
  • V-Strom Elka fork kits and Rebound adjusters
  • Kawasaki steering damper mod
  • Custom designed Elka shocks for any application
  • Snowmobile oval track shocks
  • Valving for race, trail, street
  • Custom cut springs for any weight
  • Fork tube straightening $100 each

Call us for ALL custom suspension work questions, if you can think of it, we can do it!

Suspension Lowering - Buy the bike you want, not the one you fit!

At Accelerated Technologies we can lower bikes for women, shorter men, children or anyone wanting a custom lowered ride for improved ground touching confidence, racing (ice or Super Motard) or just looks. Now you can buy the bike you want, not just the one you fit.

Shorter dirt bikers can ride the full size bike they want. Parents can now buy a bike that will last their kids a few years, lower it in year one, and then put it back to stock as the kids grow into it. (Dirt Bikes approx $800-$1200)

Street riders can now buy the bike they want, and lower it to their preference rather than 'settle' on a bike that fits. Call us before you buy. (Japanese street, approx $1100- $1500; BMWs & European, approx $1200-$1800 and up, Note: some BMWs, and others, need new shocks to lower)

Suspension Lowering

Before - Stock ride hight

This 06 KX 85 was lowered 3" front and back to maintain stock rake, trail and handling characteristics.

Suspension Lowering

After - Lowered 3"

Lowered BMW R1200GS

A 5'2" female customer finally got to buy the BMW she always wanted, once she learned we could lower it 4" like this!

Race Preperation

Six Honda Canada CBR250's Race Prepared by Accelerated Technologies

Accelerated Technologies can race prep your bike from stock to Ready to Race. Modifications include: Drill and safety wire all required bolts and fittings; Remove or tape all lights and street equipment; drill clutch and brake levers to prevent total breakage; modify forks and shocks to your track and driving style; Install & balance spec tires;etc. Contact us for the only legal CBR 250 fork mods.

Snowmobiles, ATVs and Street bikes can all be custom set up for your needs.


Ask us about the Christini 2WD bikes!

Ice Racing Bikes

Early completion of the Factory Yamaha 2 wheel drive WR-450F 2 Trac - Accelerated Technologies was given the honour of building this 2 wheel drive 06 WR 450- 2 Trac for Yamaha Canada to display and compete at select events to showcase the joint technology between Yamaha and Ohlins. We were able to compete on the bike at several Ice races in Ontario.







Service Packages

Basic Suspension Servicing

Complete Chassis Service

Full Race Prep Suspension

Shock service includes complete disassembly of the shock for a check up and clean before reassembling with fresh synthetic oil and a nitrogen recharge (approx $145.00 to $215.00).

Fork service includes complete disassembly and clean the forks, including disassembly and cleaning of the damping cartridge, pistons, valves, and every shim. Tubes are checked for stone chips, scoring and run out, and then your forks are reassembled with fresh Motul synthetic oil. (approx $250.00)

Parts extra.

This service includes chassis alignment, the Basic Suspension Service, plus servicing the swingarm, all link bearings and checking and servicing the steering head bearings. The whole motorcycle gets inspected for wear, function and problems and you are contacted with a detailed report on any requirements. ($700 +)

Complete brake service including caliper rebuilds and checking rotors is also available.

Every bike used for track days or racing should have forks fully prepared for your safety and extreme performance. Modification includes new springs suited to your weight (as required). Stock valving improved for the track, or replacement with K-Tech piston kits. The hydraulic bump stop is custom modified to provide increased travel suited to the riders style and tracks. Oil is replaced with Motul synthetic oil, and the level custom set to your fork.
If needed, seals, wipers and bushings are replaced and K-Tech replacement compression clickers can be installed into your lower fork legs for consistant adjustments (if you have Showa forks and hate adjusting by 1/16's of a turn, you know what I mean!)
$400-$1200 and up - call for pricing for your specific bike)

For ultimate performance SKF green seals and wipers can be installed at a cost of $120.


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